Monday, March 22, 2010


Well it has been an interesting day. Poor Copper has lost his freedom. He can not be out unless we are interacting or watching him closely. So I have worked on his RG(resource guarding) issues several times today, trying to find the thing that works best. I have gated him in the kitchen with my dogs just on the other side, and once with Edan present. He seems to do well with that. Had one incident where he started to guard and did give it up. However after I rewarded him he still snapped at the other dogs. So back into the kennel he went
Every time I put him it the kennel today and close the door he growls and bares his teeth. I'm not sure what that is about, but it is something that Splash has done often and seem to diminish when I just ignore it.
He again did this at meal time when I was working on fixing meals at the table. I fed the other dogs and cleaned the table, lingering near the kennel till he quit, then walked away once he quit.
He is getting better at sitting away from the door to go outside, he really likes it outside, and has not gotten into trouble out there. So he has gotten many breaks to spend some time outside. He really loves to play! And he seemed really hungry tonight finally. I have been using Ziwi Peak and Raw food in a food tube to reward. So really good and healthy stuff, and basically he is getting his meals at training time.

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