Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today was a good day-
We had a good training session this morning. Copper likes the beef Bravo the best, and today we switched to beef. I'm using a food tube(backpacking gear) and can squeeze out a bit at a time.
Copper did have One incident of resource guarding yesterday with Casey and I. He actually lunged at me, But I had his drag lead on and was able to step on it to hold him till he calmed down.
He still growls and lunges at the kennel door when I close it at times. This morning we worked on him going in and closing the door, turn away if he growls and feed him through the bars if he doesn't. He caught on to that pretty well.
Rode in the car most of the day. Got out to play when I stopped to train agility and again when we went to do retriever work. He met Kraig, Arlene, and Amanda and was very friendly. Put him on a long line and threw a few bumpers for him, He actually did pretty good with that and gave it up when I asked. He met Buddy and wanted to play, had to stop cause his lead got tangled, Buddy needs to come play with him in my yard.
Back at home another meal fed with working on resource guarding and sit and downs. When I put him in his kennel to take a break, no growling, so he got another treat.
When I am working him if I start something new he seems to stress a bit, eyes get dilated and he paces a bit. I try to mix it up with something familiar.

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