Friday, March 26, 2010


Well we are getting close to 1 week of working with Copper.
Yesterday again a good day. He really likes car rides! He was so happy to jump in the car! He does whine a bit when either Kevin or I leave, I think because if he gets to go that way out of the house with us it is for fun, walks with Kevin and rides with me. That is the only time he goes out that way.

So no more growling when I put him in the kennel. I still work that exercise along with the give the toy up exercise, sits, and give me paw.
Last night he got to go with Edan to class. He got to walk in and get fitted for a harness, as he chewed Edan's. No more leaving it on in the kennel! He did well with that.
When we got home I gave him a toy and let him play with it with Edan around, no growling at Edan or me, but when Kevin came over to sit down he did growl at him and bit at his toy harder. Kevin just sat there and it eased up. It was time to go to bed so Kevin took his lead and put him in his kennel. When he started to walk away, Copper dropped the toy and followed him.
This morning I gave him a toy and all the dogs were around, he did not want the toy, but wanted to cuddle with me, Nitt came up and he growled at him, so off the the kennel he went.
That is the first time he has growled with me as a resource, but I usually have been trying to push him away, as I can tell he is trying to resource guard by position.
Just a note, when he goes to his kennel for time out, it is with a neutral tone-"too bad".
On the nutrition aspect, he has gone grain free. His treats are Ziwi Peak, an air dried food. He get Bravo Raw at meal time. Sometimes in a food tube or sometimes I just scoop a bit out of the bowl with my hand. Then I wash my hands a lot. He is showing some signs of "detoxing", increased tearing and goop in the corners of his eyes. He really loves his beef and can hardly wait till meal time. He is starting to work harder and stress less.

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