Thursday, April 1, 2010

Copper, almost 2 weeks

Copper is doing well. I have not had a lot of time this week to work with him, so his meals have been getting up on the grooming table to eat his meal, if he jumps off, okay, the food is still on the table. He has to get back on, with my help to finish eating. He progressed to me massaging and now even able to comb his coat a bit!! Tonight I used the furminator on him as well and he did not jump off. Through all of this I have not held him on the table, if he wants off, so be it, no more food. If he gets back on he can continue eating while I groom. He has not growled one time through all this.
He stresses easily and gives up on things if it stresses him too much. He is learning that he can walk away, so seems he does not growl as much. The only consequence of him walking away is no reward till he re-engages. If he comes back to work, then he gets more reward.
Kevin took him to class this last Sunday. And brought back some god stuff.
He did state that when he came back from a walk, Copper found a toy and started to growl, he doid not have the toy in his mouth, so Kevin told him to get it then gave him the release signal and he gave it right up. What a good boy!!!

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