Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This weekend I had an agility show Fri-Sun in Crystal Lake About 1 hour away. I took Copper up with me Sunday and was able get him out and go into the building to socialize. He showed no aggression but was very busy looking at a lot of noises. One time we got a bit close to a BC that was barking a lot, he seemed a bit distressed by it but I was able to easily distract him and get him past to quieter area.
He wants to lunge at and play with the other dogs. But with getting his attention and rewarding him for giving me attention, he can easily be distracted from any dog he was focused on.
He really loves going with and starts to whine when I go to the car. He just jumps right into the kennel in the back of the car.
Copper has been progressing well with his grooming. Tonight I filled a food tube and Kevin slowly metered out the food as I groomed his ears and tail. He tolerated that really well, and we were the one who needed to take breaks, he was just ready to keep eating while I groomed. I got a lot off his ears, but need to do just a little bit more. He had a few mats on the right side that took a bit of time.
Just need to pluck a bit more from his ear flaps. and move onto his feet. After feet we will start to try to do nails.
We have very few instances of his resource guarding with toys. He usually responds well to our release signal, and gets rewarded every time.
He still growls or barks when he is in the kennel at feeding time. I still have a few instances when he goes into the kennel and growls when I shut the door. But most times he goes right in and gets a reward after I have latched the door.
He is still a very busy Puppy and seems easily distracted and sometimes distressed by noises.

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