Monday, May 17, 2010


Things have settled into a routine for Copper. He like routine, and when it changes he gets a bit stressed. His favorite things are going for walks and riding in the car. He will go with to train, I can teether him to the car and he just hangs out while the others train. He was exposed to boys 10-13 the other day and shows no fear with them. He responds better than Edan.
He has traveled to shows with me, and travels very well. We still hand feed him, if we get lazy and start to feed him in his kennel too many times in a row, he growls at the other dogs when they go near his kennel. If we hand feed out of the kennel and have him work for his food he is much better. We still work on dropping anything he picks up for food and also placing toys, food bowls etc next to him and picking them up. He is doing very well with that exercise, but need to take more time to do it in diverse areas.
He is doing better with grooming and wiping feet.
Copper is ready to find his forever home, but it is going to be a very special home, that will be willing to work with him with clicker, positive training methods, and learn to read his stress signals to not overload him. He needs a quiet environment, as he is very noise sensitive. Once he learns to trust you he can work past scary noises. He can be a very brave boy, but I think that it comes from trusting me to not let bad things happen. He has learned to trust me and needs someone patient enough to gain his trust.
The one project that I would like to accomplish with him before he goes is to get him swimming. he loves the water and loves to retrieve, but is afraid to swim yet. It has not been good weather the last couple weeks, hope to get better weather soon so I can complete that project.