Sunday, October 24, 2010

2010 USDAA Championships

We had a good weekend last weekend at the USDAA Championships!

Splash and Edan went to the Championships with me. Both were on a team. Splash ran in the PGP quarterfinals, no bye, and PSJ Semifinals. Edan actually had a bye into the Semifinals.

Splash had an awesome PGP quarterfinal run, except I slipped and was proud of still getting there for my front cross then oops!! did not turn enough in my cross and sent her to the wrong jump!! Her running dogwalk was awesome!!
Edan was running really well and had a beautiful Semi GP run going, but missed a weave pole and I did not want to fix it, just kept going!!

Team snooker, I did the same plan for Splash and Edan, except I did 1 less red for Edan. With no lead-out for Splash I did 5-6-and 2 -7's. She was sitting in first place till the end of the day when a Sheltie did 2-6's and 2-7's to beat her by 1 point. So she ended up in second.

Splash then had a great run in Steeplechase. second in her group. waited all day to see if it would hold. Ended up going into the finals in 5th place. We were too nervous, and not in sync at the beginning of the course. after an off course at #4-5. I relaxed and we enjoyed and smoked the rest of the course!!

PVP jumpers, Splash again had a very nice run and ended up in 6th place! So we came home with 3 ribbons and a silver medal!!

Edan ran nice all weekend, but the 22" class is so competitive!! Edan however did get to go lure coursing Saturday and Sunday. He got to run with his Toller girlfriend, Quantum, on Saturday. I think it helped him speed up!!
Sunday he got to go into the final round and ended up 2nd after his other girlfriend, Snafu. so he came home with a red ribbon after all. He got to run with Snaf after their finals run. Knowing Snaf was faster, I released Edan first. He blocked Snaf the whole way to the last turn and she then squeaked by to win by a nose.
The lure course workers loved to see the run!!

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