Sunday, March 21, 2010

Copper the rescue dog

I am going to start posting my experiences with Copper, a Toller rescue who came to me as a "highly reactive dog who has "nipped" and Lunges and barks at other dogs and people. He was originally rescued by a first time dog owner who lives in the city. Copper became very stressed and his behaviors escalated.

This is day 1-
He got here just before noon, I was anxious as this could have been a very challenging dog to work with. I took it slow with him but had treats, in hand, which he loved. I will copy excerpts from emails I am sending to the regional rescue coordinator.

My first impressions, I can type this cause Edan and Copper are playing!
He is a 1 y.o. puppy! His eyes were dilated when he first arrived but no aggression so far. He is an obnoxious puppy. I let Edan outside with him. Edan chased his ball, and Copper chased Edan. Edan growled at him and he would back off.
I think his biggest problem in he is a dominant, resource guarding puppy.
I picked up all the bones, but he did find one, I did not take it away, I went to the kitchen to get some treats and he followed, I went and picked the bone up. Previous to this he kept trying to get right next to me and keep the other dogs away, with position only. I would push him off, and he would run and play bow then try again. Edan wised up to that petty quick and is getting himself next to me a bit more. Edan is also trying to put him in his place by humping him now. Copper has growled and nipped at Edan a couple of times to back him off. Things so far are normal. He just found another bone. I think I may go ahead and put all the bones down, he seems to like to chew.
Okay, I just got up to put more bones down, Edan jumped down just next to him, and not a peep. So it rained bones!!!
He is groomed like a Golden except his ears. I will be working on his ears.
Yes he is stressed a bit, but not much, he has regurgitated water a few times, like dogs will when they are playing too much and drinking too much.
He does shy away when I reach for him, but I think I can work on that with the clicker. He is having to sit till Edan goes out, then sit till I open the door and release him. I will be taking him to a drop in foster dog class tomorrow, we will see what we have with that. I'm almost expecting him to lunge and bark to play!! He does a lot of get in your face then play bow with the other dogs.
As I a sitting here he is chewing a bone, he has growled at Edan a few times, Edan now has his own bone and chewing it only a foot away and things seem fine. He is such a pup that when I go to get something to trade to take it, he gets up to see what I am doing and forgets the bone.
I am going to work him a dinner time to get his sit really sharp. So that maybe we can use that to distract him tomorrow.
I have had to separate him an Edan 1 time so far to get them to relax, he is a busy boy!!!
9 PM
So we are getting some resource guarding with a toy that he got the squeaker out of. but after a time out and picked up the toys He is doing well. He is independent and strong willed, need to work on recalls and quickness of response to commands. He does test you and is not sly about counter surfing!! Does not even wait for you to get distracted or turn your back!!
Needs work on impulse control.
I am exhausted, will head to bed and let Kevin deal with letting them all out.
I am posting this the next day.

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