Monday, March 22, 2010

Yesterday we went to the foster dog drop in class. Copper was so excited he would not pee out side. So we did have an accident inside.
He did very well with going in and with the exercises. There were two other dogs in the class and they barked at one point, and no reaction, but then I think I automatically managed him. I'm so used to Splash. Kristen was trying to get me to Not manage him so we could see what he would do. He was okay with the other dogs and with Kristen.
At the end of class we were chatting, and another person walked into the room, he barked at her.
He was at one point wagging his tail as he was barking at her.
but was able to stop and I worked on him sitting and she was able to come up an give him treats. He wanted to jump up and greet her. So we have some issues but not bad.
Now last night his true colors started to come out. I had him out on a drop lead and was on the phone. There was too much noise in the living room so I took him back to the bedroom and put the gate up. He is a busy boy so I found a ball and we were playing with it. He did fine until one of my dogs came to the gate. He growled at them and went into major resource guarding growling at me as well. So of to the Kennel he went.
Now this morning I was getting food ready he went into his kennel and started to resource guard when there was nothing in the kennel. I was fixing food above him. So I gated the rest of the dogs out of the kitchen. He continued even as I was taking food put to the other dogs. He did stop and did not do it again when I let Casey and Nitt out right past his kennel.
I had in the past given him food in the kennel, but this morning after the others were fed and let out I gated them from the kitchen, got a good toy and fed him to release the toy. Also worked on sits and recalls.

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